Garden Stewardship

Keeping it Up

The garden is in your hands, for you to preside over as you wish.  Providing adequate, sensible and proper stewardship for your personal Eden is to guarantee its future.  Do the right thing by making it the best it can be, otherwise time will surely take it away.   Follow your pride of place and possession.  Why invest in a treasured automobile, for example, and then run it into the ground?  Avoid trouble; just do.  That’s what gardeners are for.

Heliotrope offers skilled upkeep of new and existing gardens.  Find out for yourself.

Artist and author Clare Leighton celebrated the goodness of people who worked the land at a time when industrial production was outpacing individual creativity on a massive scale. In ‘Four Hedges–A Gardener’s Chronicle’, published in 1935, she wrote the story of how she and the craftspeople she hired transformed her newly-acquired meadow in Chiltern into a garden.