Garden Installation

Why Build?

This is the easy part.  Natural walls, trellises, walkways, sitting areas, the curving edge of a flower bed, all of these and more help contribute to a space that works.  Plant-based rooms nestling the house create the escape that draws you to a destination, perhaps to share with friends and children, or to build your own cocoon.  It represents a living framework, a place to relish the opening of a favorite daffodil, the arrival of a hummingbird, or the patter of a soft rain.  Such is the payback from investing, building, and living well.

The world slows down to a virtual close when nature drops its hat. This morning’s view of the garden does in fact seem frozen in time. What to do? That is the human question, isn’t it, when our mechanical and technical objects of prowess–planes, heating systems, automobiles–are asked to do double duty, and we are invited to look patience in the face.