Heliotrope Garden Design was established in 1982, arising out of one man’s exit from the U of MN’s Graduate School in Horticulture to embrace a passion for garden plants and design.  The attentive arrangement of living plants, both native and exotic—small trees, bulbs, perennials, grasses, annuals, herbs—holds an ongoing fascination for us: Heliotrope has designed over 200 gardens through the years.

We welcome our clients to invest in the phenomenon of gardens, an experience proffering enlightenment with nature, a simple journey of pleasure, changing with the unique and striking seasons of this area, an experience that beckons you in, inviting you through the garden gate and down the pathway of pleasure.  Escape from routine; welcome the beauty, thrill, and solace of plants into your life.  And, leave the real work to us, the gardeners.  Our experienced crew thinks large; we’ve tended the soil and its needs for decades.

We invite you to see what Heliotrope can offer you in the design, building, and stewardship of gardens.  Why delay?  Contact us todayFollow our hundreds of posts on Facebook.  If not now, when?  By surrounding your home with bliss, you take a stand of a healthy life by reassessing the beauty and value of a well-planned and maintained garden. Your investment is too great only if you are unwilling to enter the Eden of possibilities.

If you are interested in our services (or for further information) please contact us. Our services are customized to the needs of each client, so it is easier to address specific requests. We look forward to helping you make your gardening dreams come true.